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America's Wannsee Conference occurred on January 22, 1973. That was the date that the United State Supreme Court made the tragic ruling in the "Roe vs. Wade" abortion case. This ruling led to the legalized murder, execution, if you will, of innocent unborn American citizens. Since that date, over 45 million unborn babies have been legally aborted in the United States.

Germany will always carry the blemish of the over six million victims of the Holocaust in their history. Likewise, we Americans, will always carry the blemish of the over 45 million victims of legalized abortion.

If God were to allow Jesus, of the Christian faith, Abraham, of the Jewish faith, Muhammad of the Muslim faith, and Adi Shankaracharya of the Hindu faith, to appear to mankind, and mankind were to ask them one question, "Is abortion wrong?" we all know they would say with one voice "Yes".

It is the duty of all "God Loving" American to help reverse the legalized abortion of innocent babies. We as Catholics and Members of the Ancient Order of Hibernians, have a duty to help reverse this sin against God.

Here is a list of five things that we as Members of the Ancient Order of Hibernians can do:

1. Pray - We all know what the power of Prayer can do. We need to pray the Rosary to the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Patron of the United States, and ask her to intercede on our behalf to change the hearts of the American people against abortion.

2. Contact our Government officials by letters and e-mails. Let them know how you feel about abortion being against the will of God and Human Rights of the unborn babies that are being aborted.

3. Always vote for Pro-Life Candidates. Mother Teresa of Calcutta said, "You cannot be a Catholic and support Abortion". Remember vote as a Catholic.

4. Do not support organizations that support legalized abortion.

5. Support with your prayer, time and money to organizations that help women who are choosing life over abortion.

Bill Harris
Chairman, Catholic Action Chairman 2009

Right to Life
The Wannsee Conference, held on January 20, 1942, was the darkest moment in the History of the German people. At that Conference, the German Nazi Party, made the decision to implement "The Final Solution". This decision stripped the Jews and other undesirables of the right to exist as Human Beings. "The Final Solution" led to the death of over six million innocent people.


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